Family Travel

Requests for family travel cannot be processed until the time in service requirement is met and the ETS date is changed in EDAS (Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System).  Soldiers desiring to take their family members overseas to long tour areas must have 36 months remaining as of their scheduled report date.  For example, a soldier with a 20 June 2007 report date must have an ETS date of 20 June 2010 or later.  Soldiers must have sufficient service remaining to complete an accompanied tour and their ETS must be updated in EDAS before a family travel application can be sent to Germany.  Additional requirements for requesting family travel will be provided during your interview.


Once you have determined your travel is to a destination requiring a Passport/Visa, you should contact the Passport Agent @ 765-7615.  You will be informed of required documents needed and scheduled an appointment.  The office location is the Soldier Support Center, Bldg 3400, 1401 B Avenue, room 113B.  General operation is Monday through Friday 0900 - 1630 hours.  Applications are forwarded to the State Department for processing and takes approximately 45-60 working days.  Additionally Passport/Visas can not be released until authorization for family travel is received from the overseas command.  The Passport Agent will ask that you complete a statement indicating that you should not make travel arrangements prior to receipt of Passport/Visa.

Personnel Assistance Team (PAT)

The Personnel Assistance Team (PAT), located in HQ PERSCOM, provides emergency administrative and logistical support to Soldiers and families in transit.  The PAT is responsible for performing the following functions:

    a.  Provide command and control for Soldiers enroute on PCS and from locations overseas.
    b.  Support contingency operations and coordinate aerial port operations associated with the airlift of non-unit replacement personnel operations.
    c.  Administer discipline (UCMJ) as required.
    d.  Issue provisional passes for AWOL/stranded Soldiers.
    e.  Act on requests for leave extensions.
    f.  Coordinate billeting and messing for Soldiers stranded without funds.
    g.  Resolve administrative and logistical impediments to onward movements.
    h.  Provide port call support.
    i.  Provide support for "bluebark" travelers.
    j.  Assist in the reception and processing of noncombatant evacuees.
    k.  Resolve passport and visa problems.
    l.  Advise and assist Soldiers on R & R.

Travelers should not depart the installation until they are in possession of all orders and amendments; passports and visas, if required;  port calls and commercial airline tickets; and adequate funds to defray any expenses that may arise.  The 24 hour toll-free number for the PAT is 1-800-582-5552 for emergency assistance.  This number should be listed on the soldier's/family member's Travelope issued by the Transportation Division.

Medical Screening

All Soldiers and family members PCSing overseas must be medically screened.  Family member medical screening must be accomplished prior to the soldier applying for movement of family members to the overseas location.  DA Form 5888-R (Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet) along with a detailed instruction sheet will be given to the soldier at his/her reassignment interview.  Soldiers with exceptional family members will not be permitted to clear the installation until they have an answer on their request for family travel.  Soldiers will be screened on DA Form 4036-R (Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement).  DA Form 4036-R along with a detailed instruction sheet will also be given to the soldier at his/her reassignment interview.  HIV test must be administered no earlier than 6 months prior to the report date to the overseas command.  Additional information may be obtained by calling 734-7704 or 734-7568.

The Dental Clinic does not see family members unless on sick call or emergency; therefore, family member records are not maintained.

For clearing of active duty personnel by a spouse, the following is needed:

    a.  Copy of PCS orders.
    b.  Signed note giving individual permission to pick up record (must include both person's SSN).
    c.  Valid ID card indicating relationship to soldier. 

For more information, call 734-9607/9608.

Transportation and Household Goods

Coordination between the soldier and the local Installation Transportation Office during preparation for PCS is important.  Soldiers are responsible for coordination with the  Transportation Division to schedule packing and shipment of household goods and privately owned vehicle (POV).  The Port Call Section of the Transportation Division will furnish the soldier with port call instructions and airline tickets.  Commands/installations should brief Soldiers and family members on the importance of on-time arrival at the aerial port of embarkation.  They should also ensure Soldiers are aware of information such as the operational hours at the vehicle processing centers and let them know they are not open to receive or release POVs on weekends or holidays.  Phone numbers for the Transportation Division are as follows:

    a.  Household Goods Information:  734-4187
    b.  Household Goods - QC/Inspections:  734-4166/4188/4190
    c.  Overseas Port Call Travel:  734-7273/7275

Family Housing requests that the soldier and spouse attend a briefing in building 3400 given by their respective housing agent on responsibilities and requirements for maintaining quarters during the restricted tour, plus quarters termination procedures upon tour completion.

For specific questions related to quarters termination procedures, call respective housing agent, the Family Property Manager or the Family Housing branch chief at 765-1597.

Based upon recommendations of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security, when children under the age of 2, below the weight of 40 pounds, and under the height of 40 inches are accepted as passengers, the parent or guardian must provide their own FAA-approved infant/car seat (ICS).  This requirement does not preclude a passenger from temporarily holding an infant during the cruise portion of a flight when safety considerations are not violated.  The approved infant/car seat must bear one or more labels as follows:

    a.  Seats manufactured to US standards between 1 Jan 81 and 25 Feb 85 must bear the label:  "This child restraint system conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards."
    b.  Seats manufactured to US standards on or after 26 Feb 85 must bear two labels:
        (1)  "This child restraint system conforms to all applicable federal motor safety standards."
        (2)  "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft" (printed in red lettering).

Infant/car seats that do not qualify under criteria listed above must bear either a label showing approval of a foreign government or a label showing the seat was manufactured under the standards of the United Nations.  Booster-type child restraint systems (as defined in Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 213 (49 CFR 571.213), vest-and-harness type child restraint systems, and lap-held child restraints are not approved for use in aircraft.

Shipping Pets

If shipping a pet (cat or dog only) overseas, you must advise the person making your flight arrangements that you have a pet to ship.  Every attempt will be made to ship your pet on the same flight that you will be taking.  Pet shipment is at your expense.  You must have an airline approved pet carrier.  Entry and quarantine requirements vary greatly from country to country and can be very expensive.  You should check the web site for the country you are PCSing to for their particular requirements for shipping a pet.  Make sure you check at least 90 days prior to your scheduled departure.

ID Cards

Make sure family members have updated ID cards.  If it will be necessary for family members to update ID cards in the soldier's absence, make sure the family members have a power of attorney authorizing signature authority on the ID card application.  A general power of attorney is acceptable.  Click here or call 734-7347/7348 to schedule an ID card appointment.

Out Processing Requirements for Family Members

Restitution is required prior to clearing post for the following:

    a.  MWR activities returned checks.
    b.  Child Development Center unpaid care fees.
    c.  FLOCC and Leesure Club's unpaid billing.

Call 734-7154 or 734-7184 for more info.

Anti-Child Prostitution Training

Department of Defense has directed the Army to incorporate Anti-Child Prostitution Training into its reassignment processing and overseas levy briefings.  The following are excerpts from DA Washington DC message dated 210338Z Oct 97, Subject:  Implementing Instructions for Anti-Child Prostitution Training.

    a.  MORALITY AND TRADITION OF INTEGRITY.  Morality and the tradition of integrity of the United States Armed Forces require that the Army take steps to prevent any use of child prostitutes by any service member.
    b.  DIPLOMACY.  The delicate relationship between U.S. Forces stationed in foreign nations and host country citizens is at a particularly sensitive juncture in several areas.  It is easily conceivable that a future incident involving the use of a child prostitute by a U.S. service member could incite anti-American or anti-military feeling in a host country.
    c.  LAW.  This reason is one of the most important and will require special assistance from the Installation Staff Judge Advocates.  Title XVI, Section 16001(g)(2)(B), of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, codified at 18 U.S.C. Section 2423(B), states that a U.S. national who "Travels in foreign commerce for the purpose of engaging in any sexual act with a person under 18 years of age shall be fined under this Title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both."  This section would apply to military personnel under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    d.  HEALTH.  Sexually transmitted diseases are a threat to the health of service members.  There is a reported general trend among prostitution customers to seek child prostitutes in the mistaken belief that they will be less likely to be infected with these diseases.  Individuals who hold the belief that using younger prostitutes may protect them from infection are placing themselves at great risk.

Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training

You must receive Antiterrorism Awareness/Force Protection (AT/FP) Level 1 Training and an AOR specific briefing prior to departure from home station to an overseas area in a PCS, TDY, TCS, leave or pass status.  Family members 14 years old and older are encouraged to attend.  The AT/FP Level 1 Awareness Training must have been completed within 12 months of the departure date.  A situation update on the planned area of travel or deployment must have been completed within 2 months of the departure date.  See your company commander or training NCO for additional information.